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Introduction to Holy Wells Revival

exploring a growing interest in the discovery, revival, and care of natural water springs ... My own personal passions are the folklore of the sidhe, water, trees and woodlands, hence being host of Nature Folklore. This year I have noticed an escalating interest in people discovering and visiting, natural spring wells, sacred wells, blessed wells. The most common name that we call them by is, 'holy wells', with the word 'holy' seemingly coming from Saxon and associated tribes words pronounced as 'Hal' or 'Heil', to describe being whole and uncontaminated. Later, those words, or similar, were used to describe and bless others with health and happiness. Also, as we know, the Christian and other church movements have made use of the word 'holy' for spiritual veneration too. Beyond the well established devoted delights of 'Ancient & Holy Wells Of Ireland' and 'All Is Well' groups on Facebook, it seems that during this post-covid l